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Exploiting Islamic religious divide (by Gwynne Dyer)

February 15, 2016

The International Correspondent: Journalism for Peace (Peace Pursuit)

Last Thursday, there were 16 bomb blasts in Baghdad (72 people killed, 217 injured). On Friday, two big car bombs in Damascus killed 40 people and injured 150. Even for Iraq, where there are suicide bombs every week, that is impressive. For Syria, these were the first terrorist attacks after eight months of non-violent protests. In both cases, however, perfectly sane people suspect that the government itself was behind the attacks.

Dec 29, 2011

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Looking back over four years it’s so sad to see how the situation in Syria could have gotten to the disaster it is today. And the world leaders did so little (effectively) in that time!

“Together, one mind, one heart, one life, one small step at a time, let’s link hands and march into a new tomorrow, a better and brighter future. TOGETHER we can do it”

linking hands

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Jihadist ‘evils’ a product of our times

February 10, 2016

Is It Possible to Defeat Terrorism?: HOW to (as far as possible) combat the scourge of terrorism world-wide

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An Opinion

Why do Islamist groups in particular seem so much more sadistic, even evil?

Geopolitical landscape in which Islamists operate offers clues to barbarism behind their assaults on West

Jihadist ‘evils’ a product of our times


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“Don’t shed blood, shed hatred.”

– Indira Gandhi, former Prime Minister of India

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